Friday, April 16, 2010

Who is a very hard worker who wrote many poetry books.
Who writes about many different kinds of things including things she has witnessed.
Who obviously loves to write, also she enjoys animals, and volunteer work.
Who feels honored to give hope and as much as she can.
Who says she has helped many foundations including, Moncondo Foundation.
Who gives her own time to help people of many origins.
Who is known for writing Bad Boys, My Wicked Wicked Ways, Loose Woman, many more
Who worked as the president and founder of Moncondo Foundation and a creative arts encourager.
Who's dad was Mexican and her mother was Chicana
Who is a muy duro sustantivo, quien escribir pronombre poesia libro.
Who is a resident of Chicago, Illinois.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

This was a very hostile book. Night is a unbelievably terrifying death ride through ancient times. Also this book was full of so many different emotions including agony. Agony is a extreme physical or mental suffering. I mention this because you know what happened and yet you cannot do anything about it. The Jewish people of this book were tortured, abandoned, and starved to death. Nazi officers were the only people in charge and the Jews sometimes tried to protest against them but could not even begin to get an advantage. Jews that attempted to protest suffered the ultimate price, death. The Holocaust lasted about thirteen years all together but the man who wrote Night was only condemned for about one year but this was a year of starvation, departed from family, and tortured by oppressing Nazi officers. The victims of the Holocaust were unremitting and always worked hard with barely rewarded.
Night was a unforgettable story of this man that started out as a boy in 1933 and ended up being a man that has been scarred with brutal images of gruesome deaths of family and friends and even people he had never met. I personally don't think that any person should ever witness what Elie Wiesel did in his childhood or even adult hood. I also learned many things like when your in a life and death situation, your mind is not in control anymore it is your savaged body. When I think of myself being in that situation I think that I would rebel against them but as I mentioned before, you would either get beaten to very close to death or you would be killed! I think about if the Nazis have any remorse of what they had "accomplished". Also another thing I wonder is if the Jews ever did show fear and regret of being born or if they have ever thought of suicide during the Holocaust... In conclusion Night is a wonderful book and it is an excellent educating novel.