Thursday, January 21, 2010

Haiti and Help

Problems in Haiti

Since the 7.0 Earthquake left Haiti demolished, local and long-distance communities have been trying to pull together and help and even find the injured or possibly dead. This horrifying disaster started on January 12, 2010. The after-shock took place just a few days ago now and Haiti is in a desperate situation. As we all join in one to help recover from this crisis certain companies plan to put together funds and fundraisers to support Haiti. The American red cross is the holder for the largest fund collected so far. Currently this organization is in dyer need of tooth brushes and tooth paste. The U.S. has begun preparing Guantanamo Bay for Haitians moving from their homelands in search of fresh water, food, and much more. The United States has also sent more than 4,000 more troops to follow the Haiti earthquake.



Blogging has enhanced my thinking majorly. I personally like using the computers so I like the whole blogging idea. This is also a different and easier way to keep track of all kinds of work. Blogging is also a very public way of learning and teaching. I have learned so much about how to write using the blog writing form. Before this year i had the slightest clue how to make a blog. Now that you have introduced me to blogging I now know how to type well almost using all my fingers and I am now aware of the varieties in audiences. The whole world at any moment could be looking at my blog of all people, mine... By the end of this year I am definitely going to have a personal blog about my life and the stuff i have experienced and the things I look forward to in the near to far future. Anyways what I wanted to say about "Blogging" is that I love doing this. We should have been introduced to this fabulous invention as freshmen because I am more organized than ever before.


The Runner
By Carl Deuker

The Runner by Carl Deuker is a wonderful adventure. Although this is my second review over this book I still have a ton to say. The main character is named Chance Taylor. This 16 year old is a very polite young man. He puts everything before him. This book is about his story and his effort to regain wealth. Not that wealthy but just enough to get by is all this man needs. He and his father live on a little boat on Pier B. This boat that they live on is actually so small that it's name is the "Tiny Dancer". This dingy is run down and about to sink like a rock. 5 Years since this Tiny Dancer has seen the sea. Chance is the only one there for his father and the only one that supports him. Chance ends up getting a "under the table" job working for an older man. This job requires Chance to run his normal routine just with a back pack. Chance picks up packages on the beach hidden in the rocks and return them to the boat that him and his father inhabit. This job soon hits the fan when the police start snooping around Chance and this operation he works for. The "Boss", the older man is suddenly in a car crash and dies. The police believe it was a suicide but Chance knows better. The guy(s) above that man start taking action for the packages on Chance's boat. Chance panics and tells his father and his best friend's father who also help with this. Chance and his father open a package and the packages are full of plastic explosives that are very dangerous. His friend's father is helping chance while at their beach view home and in the mean time Chance's father is chased by the bad guys. They were chasing him for miles and miles on the boat that has been out of the water for 5 or more years. Chance was now following his father in a helicopter, from high above Chance realizes his father was heading right up the wrong way of the Marina heading straight for a cruise ship leaving. The bad guys finally got aboard and were aiming guns at him. At the last minute Chances father defended himself and attacked the men and launched himself off the boat into the water as the what was once a boat exploded into a million and one pieces. The police were now aware of the situation after Chance's father saved his son's life with this heroic sacrifice.

One of the best books I've ever read!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Steve's dream

What happens to Steve's dream now, gone?

Does Steve's dream drop
like a rock in water?
Or does it fly away?
Is he innocent like a puppy,
Or is he gone like Elvis?
Is he put prisoner or
loose like free Willy?

Will Steve be believed
Or sent away like a letter?

Or does he remain guided by guards?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dear Jerry

Dear Jerry,
How's life little man? I miss you. How's the streets goin'? School is still good right? I'm so proud of you. I tell everyone up in here bout' you man. I love you dude. I really don't want to see you follow in my foot prints though. I would like to hear from you. I really messed up this time man. Don't ever do this. You promise? I mean you still have the rest of your life to live, I really might not this time... Think about all the tomorrows of your life... I don't have that. Anyway write back lil' bro. Love you man.

Steve. Your favorite brother.