Tuesday, June 15, 2010


This class has definitely put a lot of stress on me but I made it... Between work and people, I was always feeling like I had to go to a nut house! Other than work really, I would have passed with flying colors. This class is a pretty cool class overall but it does have it's ups and it's downs. English 10 is what people call us. When people ask what class I'm in, I proudly say, Alt. Ed. English. They start laughing but I do enjoy this class!! A lot!
!!!!!I'll Miss Everyone!!!!!


This was not a book that I read in SSR but it is a book that I remember like crazy. This book was a unbelievable journey through what life really use to be. The Nazis ruled everything... Homes, businesses, and even people were "owned" like slaves. In this book the story follows a young boy that soon will have to face the facts of being a man at age 9ish. This book started off being a happy family just reading about the Nazis and soon after, tragedy strikes their home. Nazi officers barge through the door. Everyone worked. The men and the women were separated so that was the end to the happy family. Divided by age next... Old and young, killed! Teens to middle aged, Worked as well as beaten and starved.
This Boy brings us along for a death defying ride through hell and back. This was the reality tv show that scares everyone but unfortunately this was real. This was the best book of all time! I liked the informative sense in NIGHT.

Monday, June 7, 2010

To Cancer I Say

Cancer. A very scary thought! I have distant family members that were diagnosed with cancer. With the help of the hospitals all around Maine, they actually recovered fully. I would love to be able to give back to the hospitals and doctors that contributed to the cure. I would give money, clothes, anything to help! I would even volunteer my time to any of the hospital. I can't stress how much I thank the Cancer Society. Once again, Thank you so much!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Sun N' Me

The sun. So bright. So needed. So me. This is my tarot card... I got to choose it this time but I chose The Sun because I see myself as bright, kinda needed, and just a happy person most of the time. When you think of the sun, you don't see anything special, well that is what I was looking for. I am nothing special. When I am there it is just like wow, look the sun, when I am not there, it's nothing new. People also wonder about me... well, I wonder about myself also...

the four ferocious roses

The four of us are a rose bush, always poking the others, competing for just about everything. The red of the rose pedal is the best color for us also. Red represents hate and terror not that we hate each other but if we are around each other for a long time we would defiantly think that. We have a bit of a twist to the taste too, you bite, we sting. Just the sight of us all gives you the sense of fighting and screaming at each other. Separately we are beautiful, all of us together is just way too much!