Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Children Soldiers

I think the practice of using children soldiers is wrong in many countries but I mean in China, it wouldn't be as bad because the population is outrageous. Also in China, the children have to be put away anyway. If a couple has more than one child, the parents have to pay a fine or take care of the kids. Even then it is still wrong. Why would you put a child through hell? A child that was brought up to kill would never live a normal life, everywhere he/she went, they would think of murder. This practice also scars that particular child mentally for life! Children who are used for military use are often used as spies, messengers, look outs, or even sexual slaves. Also children are used as human shields, political advantages, or even propaganda. Many countries break their own cultural rules for use of children. To this day, opinions are divided. Where do you fall!?! A long way gone describes an opinion from a boy that was forced to be a soldier from Sierra Leone.

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